G503 – Willys MB

Made from the the correct treated canvas and 100% authentic fill material. These sets do not use any foam and are built to the same specifications as the originals. Early Type 1 and 2 use rubberized hair padding with zippered lower pockets. Type 3 is the first spring seat sets that still have the zippered pockets. Type 4 does not have the zippered pockets. The lower springs are exposed on the bottom and the upper seat cushions use the full wrap around attaching tab.

Willys MB, Type 1 – November 1941 to approximately May 1942: $660.00

Willys MB Type 2 – Approximately June 1942 to mid November 1942: $660.00

Willys MB Type 3 – Mid November 1942 – December 1943: $1,100.00

Willys MB Type 4 – January 1944 – End of production: $1,200.00

Hip Crash padding and cover included - Metal Backing Plates are NOT included.
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