G503 – Willys MB

G503 MB Willys Seat Cushion Time Line

Made from the correct treated canvas and 100% authentic fill material. These sets do not use any foam and are built to the same specifications as the originals. Type 1 use rubberized hair padding with zippered lower pockets. Type 2 is the first spring seat sets that still have the zippered pockets. Type 3 does not have the zippered pockets. The lower springs are exposed on the bottom and the upper seat cushions use the full wrap around attaching tab.

The prices listed below include a generic military surplus zipper.

Hardware kits are now included with each order for no additional charge.

Willys MB, Type 1 – No springs, zippered compartments in front and rear seat cushions: $660.00

Willys MB Type 2 – Top cushion and seat cushions have springs. Bottom cushions still have zipper pockets: $1,100.00

Willys MB Type 3 – No zippered compartments, exposed spring bottoms and full wrap tab design on tops: $1,200.00

Hip Crash padding and cover included - Metal Backing Plates are NOT included.
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