When is my payment due?

Once the order is complete and total with shipping is giving to you, the customer, you will have five (5) business days to pay the invoice. If payment is not received by five (5) business days, you will forfeit the order and it will be moved onto the next customer. For special order that require a down payment, you will have fifteen (15) days from date of invoice to pay. If no payment is received, the order will be cancelled and down payment will not be reimbursed.

Why the long-time line?

This is a one-man shop.  Time to sew depends on many other factors.  When each order is placed, I try to give the best guess estimate for when you may see your order.  Though, estimated times are subject to change.

Do you have a phone number?

Yes, but…I don’t give it out. There are no set hours I work. The best options to contact is via email or social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.)

Can I buy canvas by the yard?

No. With the constant stream of orders coming in, a roll is typically spoken for by the time it arrives in the shop.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is charged based on the size and weight of the box.  I weigh and measure each box to make sure you are getting the most accurate rate at the time of shipping.  I may be able to give you an estimate but that is subject to change.

For international orders.  I cannot quote until the order is ready to ship.  International rates change constantly and I cannot guarantee the rate until it is ready to ship and I lock in shipping dates with the carrier.

Material Color.

This question has been on the rise lately either asked directly to me or on different forums/social media platforms.  Here is a break down of the process of making O.D. Canvas.  All our cotton duck comes from one of the oldest textile producers in the country.  They specialize in Mil-spec canvas.  All raw goods are woven to Mil-spec requirements and shipped to the finishing mill where the treatment and coloring is applied.  All our cotton duck is finished in OD#7. It all has been treated with a mildew, water and flame resistant treatment, per Mil-spec.

As for color, it is subject to shade variations.  A normal dye lot can but up to a 2000 yard run of fabric.  The color can vary within that lot.  The canvas we carry comes in two types, a ‘dry’ and ‘wet’.  Both are treated but the final finish can make the colors of the two finishes drastically different.  Basically, means the tops, side curtains, etc. will not match the seat cushions. Two different types of finishes and batches.  If other companies state their canvas matches ( tops and seats), they are either using the same finished material for both or it is not a Mil-spec treated canvas.

Color difference of 'O.D.' Canvas