Clark Airborne Dozer

**As of October 1st, 2023, the pre-order special is over.**

If you have an interest in getting a set, please contact us. We can get you on a list for when the next batch will be available.

The set will include the rear, two sides and a seat base. The seat base will have the option of the original style coil springs or a foam filled seat. Both types will be attached to a plywood base.

We will be collecting pre-orders through the end of September 2023. Once there is an idea of how many people are interested, material will be ordered and hope to start on the sets towards the end of September 2023

Retail price for either spring or foam set is $375 plus shipping.

Thank you for the interest in this product.

Next run of seats will probably take places after the first of the new year(2024).

Choose between the original style seat springs or a foam filled base. Both types will have a plywood base.