This is a small business that got its start by helping a friend who needed a part made.  We picked up a sewing machine and went to work.  Soon after that we started working with another Northwest business and supplied them with our canvas products.  That was in 2008 and here we are continuing with what we started. 

Military history has always been an interest of mine.  Growing up studying about WWII and the aircraft that helped win the war.  One thing that made it more interesting was the family owned 1943 Ford GPW jeep.  Growing up I got to help restore it and ultimately use it to help educate others about WWII. 

After joining the Army in 1997 and completing my AIT training in 1998, I used my bonus money to buy my own WWII jeep, a 1945 Willys MB.  Buying a ‘late’ war jeep helped me learn about all the differences in production from 1941-1945.  It really opened my eyes to how much changed in such a short production period.  As many things in life, the jeep took a back seat to getting married and starting a career.  By 2006, work began on it again.  Research into it showed just how much had change by the end of the war.  One item was the late series spring seat cushions. Nobody in the United States was making them or anything close.  But it would be almost 10 years later before I would finally be able to produce the first rough draft of these cushions.

I started researching the correct style of cushions for both the Willys MB and Ford GPW. By 2019 production started on 100% authentic reproduction canvas cushions. No foam in our products, correct type rubberized hair padding, in house produced seat springs and hair type felt padding. 2020 brought the last of the seat cushion designs to production with the late Ford seat springs. Our goal is to produce the most authentic cushions for you. Each day we continue to study and refine our designs to bring the best products to you.

But it doesn’t end there.  Our promise is to continue to strive to bring other top notch WWII vehicle canvas products to you.