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Canvas has arrived!

Monday (3/19) our canvas arrived at our door.  This is WWII Mil-Spec material produced by a mill that made this for the war effort! They know their canvas! This material is specific to upholstery as it is a class 2 material (Dry finish.) Unlike a lot of the Mil-Spec canvas out there, this does not have the wet finish that can come off on your clothes.  As more of our seat making materials arrive in the shop within the next few weeks, we will be getting up to speed on the mid and late war MB/GPW cushions.

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New items in the shop!

Still working to get the website back up and running.  Did receive a few items in the shop today.  The first, hair padding for the late series MB & GPW seat cushions.

Also received a sample of the seat springs used in the mid series till the end of the War on the MB and GPW jeeps.  Excited to finalize the order and get going on producing a correct cushion for our customers!